How to Choose a Good Natural Soap?

How to Choose a Good Natural Soap?

How to Choose a Good Natural Soap?

Handmade soaps come in various types worldwide, each unique in its own right, shaped by the producer's style, ingredients, and philosophy. These factors attract individuals seeking a personalized and special soap experience. Typically crafted from natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils, and herbs, these soaps offer benefits to the skin along with additional properties.

Guidelines for Selecting Quality Natural Soap:

1. Check the ingredients list: Ensure the soap is crafted from high-quality natural ingredients, such as oils (olive oil, coconut oil), essential oils, herbs, etc. Avoid those with synthetic materials, artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens, or other harmful chemicals. Look for added vitamins, antioxidants, or minerals that can benefit the skin. Additionally, a good soap should naturally contain glycerin, known for its moisturizing properties. Keep in mind that glycerin-enriched soaps may have a higher price tag.

2. Dermatological and Lab Testing: Confirm that the soap is dermatologically tested, and its primary ingredient has undergone lab testing.

3. Versatility: Opt for a universal soap suitable for the face, body, hands, and all skin types. This can save you money on purchasing different cleansers for various parts of the body.

4. Maturation and Production Method: Ensure the soap has matured for at least a month and is produced using the cold process method.

5. Sustainability: Verify that the soap is made from sustainably sourced raw materials, as some manufacturers prioritize environmentally friendly practices.

Our NATULA solid face and body wash (soap) with Opoka is truly one-of-a-kind in the world.

The benefits of Opoka rock have been extensively studied in the J.S. Hamilton International Cosmetic Research Laboratory, making soap crafted with Opoka minerals - calcium and silicon - completely unique. It boasts a natural composition with no synthetic fragrances.

Why Choose NATULA Face, Body, and Hand Wash (Soap) with Opoka?

1. Skin Improvement: Opoka rock enhances skin elasticity and firmness, smoothens the skin, regulates sebum secretion, reduces redness, and evens out skin tone.
2. Natural Ingredients: Contains 99% natural ingredients.
3. Moisturizing: The natural glycerin formed during cooking is retained, providing effective skin moisturization.
4. Production Method: Crafted using an ancient, cold process method.
5. Handmade and Exclusive Design: Each piece features a unique pattern.
6. Maturation: Aged for a month.
7. Suitability: Moisturizing and suitable for all skin types, especially beneficial for oily, acne-prone skin.
8. Fragrance Extraction: Only vegetable oils are used to extract fragrance, resulting in a gentler, softer, more soluble, and creamier texture.
9. No Aggressive Additives: Free from paraffins, parabens, and palm oil. Many soap manufacturers use palm oil because it is a cheaper substitute for more expensive oils.
10. Dermatologically Approved: Dermatologically tested and approved.

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