Your Skin Will Thank You: The Power and Benefits of Opoka Rock

Your Skin Will Thank You: The Power and Benefits of Opoka Rock

Your Skin Will Thank You: The Power and Benefits of Opoka Rock

Opoka is an extraordinary and fairly rare mineral, rich in silica and calcium. This rock boasts a unique chemical composition and physical properties that make it perfect for soap bars. It acts as a gentle exfoliator, absorbing excess oil from the skin and providing a refreshing sensation.

The Unique Opoka Effect on the Skin

Calcium and silicon are the two main minerals found in opoka rock. Consider the tourist-frequented Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and you'll grasp the value of these minerals. They are also integral to the skin barrier, offering numerous benefits:

- Cleansing (amorphous silicon dioxide is a highly effective sorbent and gentle exfoliator).

- Softening and moisturizing (calcium and silicon attract water molecules, softening and moisturizing the skin, reducing dryness, itching, and flaking).

- Protection against inflammatory processes (amorphous silicon dioxide is active and possesses antiseptic properties; calcium and silicon reduce inflammation by inhibiting cytokine production).

- Relief from symptoms of skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

- Increased skin elasticity (calcium and silicon support collagen and elastin production, reducing wrinkles and expression lines).

Inspired by Nature and its Riches

NATULA proudly stands as the first manufacturer in Lithuania and the world to create skincare products with Opoka Rock. Our primary goal was to craft an exclusive line of products enriched with Opoka Rock, free from harmful ingredients.

As part of NATULA's expanding range of products made with opoka rock, in 2023, the laboratory of UAB SEKARGAS HAMILTON was commissioned to research opoka rock. The study showed that opoka rock improves skin elasticity and firmness, smoothens the skin, reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands, and, after a 21-day period of use, lowers the level of hemoglobin, resulting in a reduction of visible skin redness.

Attention to Quality and Skin Protection

Today, we take immense pride in crafting high-quality soaps using opoka rock. Our product line includes a robust dishwashing soap with a natural composition, a face and body opoka clay mask, and a natural handwashing paste. Each soap bar is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing a unique pattern that reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and our profound passion for harnessing the gifts of nature.

Our production process is meticulous: opoka rock undergoes heating, breakdown into a dust-like consistency, moistening, and transformation into clay for production.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, products infused with opoka rock offer remarkable benefits for both beauty and health, accompanied by a delightful aroma. We exclusively use natural, 100% pure essential oils—lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and mint—to extract the scents for our soaps.

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