We are a family-owned company producing unique soap bars from opoka rock. The idea of creating soap using opoka clay first struck us in late 2019.

Opoka is an extraordinary and rare mineral, rich in silica (think Iceland's blue lagoon water!) and calcium (an important part of your skin barrier). Furthermore, this remarkable clay not only boasts an exceptional chemical composition but also possesses physical properties perfectly suited for soap bars. It acts as a mild-yet-effective abrasive cleanser, gently absorbing excess skin oils, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Our primary goal was to craft products free from harmful ingredients, bringing together both practicality and joy in their usage. Inspired by the captivating wonders of nature, we meticulously curated these items, utilizing the finest organic and natural elements.

Our initial pilot products—liquid soap and handwash paste—were brought to life in the summer of 2020, and by year's end, we had our first samples of soap bars.

However, we hold ourselves to a high standard, and we knew we could do better. Thus, we dedicated ourselves to months of trial and error, ceaselessly improving our recipes and technology. In November 2022, our relentless pursuit of perfection paid off, and we finally achieved the quality we desired. Today, we proudly produce a one-of-a-kind soap, emphasizing top-notch quality and a commitment to using only the purest natural ingredients.

Every bar we create is distinctive, reflecting our unwavering focus on quality and our profound passion for harnessing nature's gifts. So come, be a part of this journey, and indulge in the benefits of Opoka clay soap—pure, natural, and simply beautiful.

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